Fortnite Week 5 Solos NA East Qualifier Finals Standings

Many people believe that the title will belong to a player coming from the NA region rather than to a player coming from the EU region. When it comes to solos, anything can happen, as we’re stepping into Week 5’s solo brawls. The NA region is always fun to watch. It includes a lot of shuffles in the leaderboards, alongside a good set of fun and skills.

The NA East event is probably the most fun to watch because of a lot of famous Twitch Streamers. Notorious names such are about to be noticed, who are usually always live streaming their effort. Fans love watching PoVs, as it is easy to be concluded by the bolstering Twitch views on their individual channels.

Now that the Fortnite Week 5 Solos US East Qualifier Finals have begun those who haven’t succeeded in their previous Qualifier runups will get another chance. Who is up to qualify and dive in the huge prize pool given by Epic Games for the final event in New York?

Even though we’re cheering for FaZe cLoaK and Ninja, NRG Zayt is arguably one of the most consistent Fortnite players whose skills are impeccable. Will Zayt be able to clutch this week and place himself among the 6 spots eligible for qualifying for the World Cup in Solos? We’ll have to wait and see.

As in the weeks before, we’ll be following the leaderboards and report any changes in the Fortnite Week 5 Solos NA EAST TOP 10 Standings below:

Position Player Name Points Prize
1 FaZe Dubs. 84 $5000
2 NRG Zayt 71 $4000
3 MSF Clix 69 $3000
4 RogueShark_ 66 $2500
5 kolorful ツ 64 $2250
6 FaZe Megga. 64 $2000
7 BuckeFPS 63 $1750
8 Klass. 63 $1500
9 Ghost Snood 63 $1250
10 Ferrrnando 62 $1000

Do not forget, cheering is allowed, especially when it’s a word about your favorite streamer. The player standings above vary as Epic Games announces any changes on their official leaderboards.

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