Fortnite World Cup Qualifier Week 6 EU Duos Top 10 Standings

Now that the semi-finals have been played out it is time to see who of the participants advanced to the final qualifier in EU. Fortnite’s World Cup qualifier is currently in week 6, as for an even week it follows with Duos. Which team is going to amaze the public and manage to qualify for the final event in New York, remains to be seen.

Out of 10 Weeks scheduled on Epic Games’ calendar, there are 5 more left including the one today. The EU qualifier has already started, as the hosts of the event are gathering around to commentate the exciting moments.

After today’s EU event, there will be qualifiers scheduling in the next two probably most intriguing zones to watch, and that is NA East and West. EU and NA East have somewhat the same player size available to qualify for the final event. With that being said, they’re confirmed to have the highest skill but also player base.

As such, we also tend to cover only the NA East and EU qualifiers as they’re the most fun to watch, but also bring lots of player to the final event. Keep in mind that players who already participated and qualified in the previous weeks can still participate in today’s event. However, if they manage to take a qualifying spot, it will transition to the unqualified team on the table below them, but the price still goes according to the placement.

Below you can find the official standings of the EU Fortnite World Cup Qualifier Finals for Week 6.

  • √ – Teams Qualified in Week 6.
Position Player Name Points Prize
1 E11 Tschiiinken + E11 Stompy  105 $10000
2 Solary Airwaks + Solary Nîkof 98 $8000
3 NRG benjyfishy + NRG MrSavageM 92 $6500
4 Solary Hunter + Solary Kinstaar 89 $5000
5 Lnuef + Quinten 89 $4500
6 Secret_Mongraal + Atlantis Mitr0 88 $4000
7 VP 7ssk7 + VP JAMSIDE 86 $3500
8 BTL Orange + BTL Xoxo 86 $3000
9 RBK Zyppaan + RBK Ritz 85 $2500
10 LeStream Skite + LeStream Vato 85 $2000

The list above varies depending on the live scoreboard posted by Epic Games.

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