New Vector-Looking SMG may come to Fortnite Very Soon

Fortnite patch 9.10 may introduce the players to a new weapon. Similar to the Tactical SMG, this weapon will have abnormal Rate of Fire. Its first look resembles to an IRL weapon, Vector, which has an insane rate of fire and it belongs to the SMG family. Overall, the weapon hasn’t been introduced nor stated in the news section of Fortnite. Instead, it has come from a leak, similar to what happened with the Tactical Assault Rifle.

The leak clearly states its properties, so as its design. The look reminds of a Vector, and there’s nothing else to argue about. The data has been leaked by @Hypex, and the first image of the SMG can be seen below:

What do you think? Will this be similar to the Tac SMG? Most likely, knowing its rate of fire it would pretty much shred everything within seconds. Now, this could potentially change the current meta by a mile.

David Goodwin

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