Rumor: Ubisoft to include its own subscription service?

No one knows the certainty of this item, appearing on the Ubisoft Store for the first time today. Nevertheless, it surely indicates future subscription service similar to EA’s. Ubisoft is probably ready to expand its features and allow players to pay a monthly fee, granting them reach to a set of game titles on Uplay.

A product with the name “Ubisoft Pass Premium” has just slipped through Ubisoft’s hands appearing on the Ubisoft Store, causing a lot of drama in the gaming industry. While all of the media is trying to determine the original meaning, this simple leak may have just facilitated whatever is Ubisoft up to.

Below you can take a look at the image promoted on the Ubisoft Store, as posted on Currently, the product is not available, as it has been removed shortly after the publication.

How these subscription services work is they require the consumer to pay a dividend on a time span. Either monthly, quarterly, or annual, paying the subscription would grant the consumer the right to use some of the pre-assigned monthly video games within the service.

EA Access was one of the first subscription services that managed to sustain. Now, it has gone through to PS as well, having July as a kickoff month, indicating a firm gameplay experience and time of life. Throughout one subscription month, players will get unlimited reach to triple-A titles, as so far on the Origin Launcher. EA Access Costs $4.99 per month or $24.99 per year.

Well, that is presumably what Ubisoft is aiming at, and bringing such service under their own property shouldn’t be considered for a surprise. It will allow the players to dwell into the fun for the duration of their subscription period, without deliberately pushing them to buy a copy of any Ubisoft’s video game.

This could also raise as a future perspective, leading multiple video game publishers to pass on to subscription service, rather than holding the pay-to-play model. This will be fairer for the consumers, as they will get a chance to experience a wide raft of games without buying them.

Ubisoft Pass Premium may be the next big thing for Ubisoft, considering all the healthy triple-A titles in their property. Nevertheless, do not forget that this statement or upcoming service hasn’t been confirmed and take this with a grain of salt.

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