Dell may have leaked the arrival of the Nvidia GTX 1650Ti

Not even discovered before, the Nvidia 1650Ti may be the next GPU scheduled for release by the green team. Dell may have leaked the arrival of the Nvidia 1650Ti, thanks to a proof made by a Redditor, on Nvidia’s subreddit, who claimed to have a picture of Dell unveiling the very first life signs of the GTX 1650Ti.

All of that within a promotional material made by Dell, in which one of the PCs listed holds the GTX 1650Ti as a component. No one knows the power of the 1650Ti, nor the existence of the same. For what we know so far is just an image of PC configurations by Dell.

The image below clearly shows that the New Dell G7 15 will own the 1650Ti as a Graphics Processing Unit. Hopefully, it’s not a word about a typo.

With that being said, what are your expectations? Some people estimate a power similar to the 6GB 1060, while others believe it will cope with the GTX 1070. Knowing it’s a word about a leak, we do not know the integrity of the source, therefore would advise you to take this with a grain of salt. Never be excited about things that may go south fast, as Dell has been proved to false statements, including leaks before.

Nevertheless, if the 1650Ti becomes a reality, then the price would be somewhere around $170-$200.

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