DrDisrespect banned from Twitch after recording in Public Bathroom at E3 2019

DrDisrespect, one of the most notorious streamers on Twitch was banned just after his livestream performance at E3. The fun was lasting until the moment he entered the public bathroom and recorded the whole situation. Sadly, the MC himself, won’t be able to fulfill his promise and set another Twitch stream tomorrow. Well, at least not until the ban is removed.

Recording in a public bathroom is against Twitch’s ToS therefore, his Twitch Account has been suspended. The two-time champion will probably retain his account once everything is settled, but there will be no fun in the arena as his channel will have to face absence in the next couple of days.

If you would like to ensure yourself you can check DrDisrespect’s official Twitch Channel, which at the time is clearly missing.

Fans believe that this is unfair prejudice against the Doc. However, anyone who was watching the IRL session at E3 2019 knows the mistake he made, and it suits Twitch ToS. While the Doc was clean and had no checkmark on his back, he just received the first one.

Multiple streamers have been facing these kinds of ToS breakdowns resulting in temporary account removals. Therefore, all the fans of DrDisrespect shouldn’t be disappointed as we do believe he’ll manage to get back on track. This whole embargo was probably unintentional but, mistakes were made.

For more details, we’ll have to wait and see DrDisrespect’s response to all of this. It will probably be soon.

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