Devotion won’t re-release any time soon

Red Candle Games seem to have messed up a lot

Red Candle Games does not seem to have any upheavals regarding Devotion, their horror video game as their mistake connecting to the Chinese president Xi Jinping has put a roadblock to whatever was about to come. In a recent tweet, the developers re-stated their concern and apology regarding the mistake but have also released an update discovering the future of Devotion.

After the game was pulled from all the stores and digital resellers because of the art material incident back in February 2019, the developers have gathered strength and pulled strings to compile a list of concerns and apologies, caused by a “malfunctioned project management.”

The mistake wasn’t done as a reflection of a deliberate act, but instead, a natural mistake, as every human being does. Even though these types of errors are encountered very rarely, they can still become an obsession of any political structure.

Therefore, re-releasing Devotion would probably occur after the developers rebuild its structure, environments, and review everything that needs to be combed. Hopefully, these actions will result in satisfactorily and will bring Devotion closer to a re-release.

Below you can find the official Tweet of the developers regarding the matter:

Devotion is no longer available for purchase since it has been removed from storefronts.

Angel Kicevski

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