Cyberpunk 2077’s New Game Plus idea is questionable

Even if previously stated that New Game Plus would become a thing in Cyberpunk 2077, it could be entirely off the hook. According to recent discoveries, CD Projekt Red is still thinking of the idea, and how exactly the new game plus would fit.

In a recent interview with Gamespot, CDPD’s Richard Borzymowski stated:

“What I can tell you is we are looking into a suitable idea for implementing New Game Plus.”

CD Projekt Red New Game Plus would still need a robust environment and support before the developers start working on it and what form exactly it would take. Even if the New Game Plus mode was endured as work in progress at CDPR, this statement neglects that, as it remains unknown on whether or not the game will compose this feature.

In Cyberpunk, the main story plays around the role player (character), which also binds the progression to it. Throughout various dialogues and missions, the role player develops accordingly, which makes it extremely bound to the storyline. But what would happen once the game is done? This is another segment where a New Game Plus would help as it may take some turns and spice the game to an entirely new extent.

If New Game Plus lands, this will encourage players to go over the main story again, with a couple of tweaks reasonably distinct from the first time.

Furthermore, Borzymowski stated:

Let’s go with the two most basic approaches to New Game Plus, or whatever. Complete example: either you finish the story and you’re left in the open world, or you can start a new game with the character you’ve previously developed. With the first approach, in our case with Cyberpunk 2077, the benefit of replaying or playing more is that there are many, many activities. I presume that most players will first finish the story rather than do everything there is because that’s pretty time-consuming.

Another reason why the new game plus becomes a questionable thing for Cyberpunk 2077 is the side missions. In numerous occasions, the developer has stated that aside from the main story, there will be a ton of content to do, such as side missions.

Borzymowski continued:

The other approach basically funnels you into one of the playstyles, right?” he continued. So we’re looking for a way to ensure that you’re able to keep your progression, but are you still able to take a different path in order to see one of those parts hidden behind one of those actual choices? And we will probably get to something, but it’s too early to talk exactly how because we want to make sure that it fits Cyberpunk 2077. Everything we want to do, we want to fit.

Therefore, the New Game Plus in Cyberpunk 2077 is still a questionable addition, and it remains a mystery on whether or not it shall become a reality or not.

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