Fortnite Champion Series Season X Finals Day 1 EU Standings

Fortnite Champions Series Season X Finals Day 1 starts today in approximately 30 minutes. The finals are settled in trios, which is the first time we get a format of this caliber on the Fortnite competitive scene.

As a reminder, not only the competition format is different, but also the point system too. Below you can find the official Point System for this tournament:

  • Victory Royale = +15
  • 2nd place = +12
  • 3rd-4th = +9
  • 5th-8th = +6
  • 9th-12th = +3
  • Elimination = +1

Currently, the EU Region is undergoing with the tournament, as some of the known Professional Fortnite players are already heading on the top spot of the leaderboards. As always, we will be covering the EU and NA region and will update the top 10 of the leaderboards as the event progresses.

FNCS Season X Finals Heat 1 EU Top 10 Leaderboards

Position Name Name Name Points
1 FaZe Mongraal . mitr0 NRG benjyfishy 38
2 TrainH Falconly TrainH Robabz LeStream TheVic 31
3 Umplify Miro Matsoe 26
4 dMIND.Rakso dMIND.3vil dMIND.teeq 24
5 Fnatic Pr0vokd COOLER Noward FaZe Vorwenn 23
6 M10 Harmii Ghost Kamo M10 Pepper 21
7 LEM0N use code Shaka cal 20
8 Eon RedRush RBK Zyppaan RBK LeftEye 18
10 WAP Raas Teeqih Diyrv 11

The tables above vary according to Epic Games’ official leaderboards. The NA Leaderboards will be published a tiny bit later when they start to rumble. They will be posted in a separate post. To jump and witness the fun, you could do so by visiting the official Fortnite Twitch channel or watch the livestream on Youtube.

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