Pokemon Go Unova Pokemon Wild, Raids and Eggs

Trainers, new Pokemon from the Unova region are coming to the game and players around the globe will have a chance to catch them in the wild and battle them in Raids starting from September 16.

The Unova Pokemon have started to spawn in the game, some in the wild and some in Raids. In addition, Niantic and Pokemon Go released three new Gen 5 shiny forms.

Niantic and Pokemon Go confirmed that Unova Pokemon will be available to battle and catch as part of the Week 3 Ultra Bonus event and they’ve also confirmed that three new Gen 5 Pokemon and their shiny forms will be released:

  1. Klink –  10 km Eggs, Raids and can be shiny
  2. Patrat – In the Wild, 2 km Eggs, Raids and can be shiny
  3. Lillipup – In the wild, 2 km Eggs, Raids and can be shiny
  4. Purrloin – in the wild, 2km Eggs
  5. Snivy – In the wild, 5 km Eggs
  6. Tepig – In the wild, 5 km Eggs
  7. Oshawott – In the wild, 5 km Eggs
  8. Pidove – In the wild, 2 km Eggs
  9. Blitzle – In the wild, 5 km Eggs
  10. Drilbur – In the wild, 5 km Eggs
  11. Foongus – In the wild, 5 km Eggs
  12. Ferroseed – In the wild, 10 km Eggs
  13. Litwick – In the wild, 10 km Eggs
  14. Golett – In the wild, 10 km Eggs
  15. Deino – In the wild, 10 km Eggs
  16. Yamask – TBA
  17. Pansage (regional exclusive Asia-Pacific)
  18. Pansear (regional exclusive Europe, Middle East, Africa and India)
  19. Panpour (regional exclusive The Americas and Greenland)
  20. Heatmor (regional exclusive Western hemisphere)
  21. Durant (regional exclusive Eastern hemisphere)

Shiny Comparison




We expect to see more Gen 5 Pokemon released during the third week of the Ultra Bonus event, so stay tuned!

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