Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Review

It’s safe to say that this title puts the franchise where it needs to be. It has everything it needs, and that is precise as I had imagined in the first place. A solid campaign that fulfills the gap disclosed in its predecessor Black Ops 4, high tier enemies and Spec-Ops, a multiplayer containing a bunch of game modes and a CO-OP feature that came along as a surprise.

Now, before we start with this rather short review, we can all agree that Infinity Ward has done an exceptional job apart from the launch issues. Overall, it’s quite a pleasing game, taken into consideration the game tempo. The game requires substantial dedication and a piece of a review article that will be decent of knowledge. So, without further ado, let’s crash straight into it.

Modern Warfare Campaign

The story experience may get a bit uncomfortable due to the sacrificial input of a young girl, which, due to self-defense, has to eliminate a Russian soldier with a screwdriver. That, all through our eyes. But all that to save her brother and herself, and avenge the loss of their dad. Nevertheless, a campaign and stories in these sorts of video games can be cruel, and we know that. After all, it’s a word about Modern Warfare.

What was even more intense during the same campaign is the innocent civilians that pop out of nowhere to shuffle the extraordinary missions during night time. But, being a hard-to-boil part of the game, makes it feel realistic, just as Infinity Ward wanted it to be. Therefore, it wouldn’t be responsible if anyone would complain about it. The only thing that’s worse is that after killing Civilians for three times in a row, you’ll be demoted and brought back to the previous mission where a redo is a must.

Overall, the campaign brings a compelling narrative, probably the best in the CoD Series since Modern Warfare 4. I have personally completed the campaign in about 5 hours, with a very short pause in between segments to take a breather. It was surprising how engaging the story was to me, and how I relived the piece of material given within Farah, Hadir and Price. The story may have a bit sad ending where one of the team goes on a suicidal mission. But, overall, a great campaign that delves you deeper and deeper into discovering the surprises offered within Modern Warfare. I actually need a longer story mode that is set to surprise me.

Now, let’s jump to the most exciting multiplayer game mode.

Modern Warfare Multiplayer and Character Progress

This is probably the best section Modern Warfare falls into. The campaign might have had a positive impact, but the Multiplayer and all of the game modes within are pure jewelry. The most surprising game mode which we’d love to talk about is the Gunfight, but we wouldn’t avoid the core ones such as SnD, TDM, Ground Wars, and more.

Modern Warfare Character Progress

Modern Warfare adds some RPG elements to each team game mode. If you’re with a dedicated lineup of friends and want to extrapolate the best possible scenario each match, then a diversified choice of abilities would be the best bet. As you level up of your character, you get the possibility to unlock a different set of capabilities, killstreaks, field upgrades, operators, and more.

Weapon mastery is also a thing in Modern Warfare, which sums up the gameplay difficulty at a nice pace. The higher the weapon level, the better the attachments you unlock. This applies only per weapon, and cannot be bypassed anyhow, which copes well with the multiplayer difficulty.

As the character level goes higher, you get a more diversified weapon choices available at hand, while each one of the unlocked weapons starts from level 1. We do not know the current weapon level cap. We’d assume it’s capped once you unlock all of the attachments and color customizations.


Modern Warfare has done an exceptional job with the 2v2 game mode, Gunfight. The best game to be enjoyed playing with a friend. The game mode shuffles the weapons used by nature after every two rounds. The first team to get to 6 points wins the match. A simple purity, but rather complicated due to the keen awareness requirement.

I won’t place this among the easy-to-play game modes, simply because there’s nothing to take advantage of. It settles within a completely fair and even matchup, with the spawns the only determinant of potential luck. Everything else relies on player skill and nothing else.

Since the very early first peak of the game mode, I knew this would become one of the favorites alongside the traditional SnD. And it is, as it offers solid entertainment, especially when played with a friend.

TDM, DOMINATION, Cyber Attack, SnD and anything else in between

The rest of the game modes cope with the momentum. Some of the more casual, others more demanding and focused. SnD is our favorite only because it requires the professional level of gameplay, while others slide just in the right time to kill the boredom.

Modern Warfare Multiplayer Co-Op

This is the only part where I believe Infinity Ward messed it up a bit. A couple of Operators are locked behind the CO-OP missions. They can be used in all Multiplayer game modes, but the problem is they can only be unlocked after completing the CO-OP missions. After multiple tries to find a decent group with PUBLIC matchmaking, I still haven’t succeeded in finding one.

Each one of my tackles on the CO-OP missions has failed, and that’s due to people not understanding nor communicating in-game. They just run, shoot, and eventually die. Once deeper in the mission, saving them is a tedious job to do, considering the number of enemies around.

These missions could be easily done with friends, but we would strongly advise keeping out of the public matchmaking only because it doesn’t have a regular matchmaking pattern. If you’re level 50+, you can be matched up with level 10s in your party — quite the unpleasant experience.


Before I jump to a conclusion, I have to point out that the Graphics are just as expected for a Triple-A title and Infinity Ward has done their homework before they publish a masterpiece of this caliber. The Network model seems a bit odd, despite their explanation on how it works. Nevertheless, it’s not a measurement device in any case, and all its features are just set to provide a better gameplay experience.

While this Modern Warfare meets its original place, there are still some impurities that need to be addressed, and that better be sooner than later.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare - 8.7


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision.

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