Pokemon Go List of All Unown Events 2019 Edition

Trainers, Unown Pokemon are probably the hardest to find in the game and most of the time they are spawning only at special events such as Go Fest, Safari Zone, Game Conferences, etc.

Unown are the rarest and hardest to find Pokemon in the game and there are a total of 28 Unown Pokemon – 26 letters, plus the question mark ? and the exclamation mark !.

All Unown Pokemon are released in the game and they’re just so rare outside of events that the non-event letters are all hard to get.

Unown Events in 2019

Niantic and Pokemon Go announced eleven Unown events so far, and here is the list:

  • Pokemon Go Safari Zone Porto Alegre, Brazil January 25 – January 27, 2019:  P, O, R, T, A, L, E, G
  • Game Developers Conference San Francisco, California March 18 – March 22, 2019, Around convention center: G, D, C
  • Pokemon Go Special Weekend (Ito En & Tsutaya) Japan April 6, 2019: T, Y, N, I
  • Pokemon Go Special Weekend (7-11) Japan April 7, 2019:  V, S
  • Pokemon Go Week in Korea Seoul, Korea May 4 – May 6, 2019:  S, E, O, U, L
  • Pokemon Go Fest Chicago, Illinois only for Ticket Holders June 13 – June 16, 2019:  W, A, K, E, U, P! 
  • Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund, Germany only for Ticket Holders July 4 – July 7, 2019: 
  • Pokemon Go Fest in Yokohama from August 5 until August 12: P
  • Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus event Week 1 September 2 until September 9, 2019. Unown forms from 10KM Eggs: U, L, T, R, and A.
  • Montreal Safari Zone event from September 20 until September 22: Q, U, E, B and C.
  • Pokemon Go Safari Zone event Taipei October 3 until October 6: S, A, F, R, I, N, T, C, and P.

How many Unown Pokemon have you caught so far? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. That’s great! We haven’t heard about Unown Q being released/seen/caught anywhere. Can you please send us an image? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I believe that was last year July 19th – 23rd 2018. This year San Diego Comic Con starts on July 18.

  1. I traded for my Q at PokemonGofest in Chicago in 2019 so I have all unown characters! Sooooo happy!

  2. Seen 1. Caught 0.
    I’m almost to level 38, in MD USA but travel for work frequently. We need an Alphabet CD. And more spawns around libraries generally.

  3. What about the australian event that spelled out PAX (peace)? I have X from that event (traded to me) 10/25/18;10/27/18 are the dates on mine.

  4. I don’t have a single one because they are impossible to find and it’s stupid expensive to fly around the world to the events they only seem to be at. Make them more available for those who won’t spend their life savings and doesn’t want to cheat/hack because they love the game.

  5. I have zero Unowns! Living in Northern Finland and they seem to spawn only in Helsinki. Have also played since the game started. Hope I finally get Unown from 10 km egg!

  6. I’ve completed my Unown list earlier this year! Final Unown catch was a trade for the question mark

  7. I finally got my first unown at Gofest Chicago this summer! I have the following: W,A,K,E,U,P,!. I know how basically impossible it is to find unowns in the wild so I made sure to bring back extras for my discord community 🙂

  8. I’ve got only 1 lettet “U” at level 35 a couple of months ago and I’am happy about because some friends with a lot of level 40 accounts, playing since many years and catched much more pokemons than me even never seen an unown. BR Leo from Silesia in Poland.
    Ps if you want I can send a picture of my U anytime. Just contact via mail: [email protected]

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