Pokemon Go Shiny Rates Halloween Costume Pokemon

Trainers, new shiny Pokemon wearing creepy-cute Halloween costumes are spawning in Raids and in the wild as part of the ongoing Halloween event 2019.

With the launch of the latest Halloween event, Niantic and Pokemon Go announced four new shiny Pokemon wearing Halloween costumes. These Pokemon are now live in both Raids and in the wild for a limited time, until November 1.

According to the latest reports, their spawn rate is decreased and their shiny rates are standard, not boosted, and players are not happy about it.


  • Bulbasaur wearing Shedinja costumes:1/450 shiny rate
  • Charmander wearing Cubone costumes: 1/450 shiny rate
  • Squirtle wearing Yamask costumes – 1/450 shiny rate


  • Shiny Pikachu wearing Mimikyu costume –  8 shiny out of 2,300

Now, many players are saying that the new costume Pokemon are locked behind Raids. Those who want to farm and catch the shiny costume Pokemon have to spend a lot of money. So, let’s be clear on this one – the odds of finding/catching shiny costume Pokemon after every Raid stay the same, but the overall probability of them spawning in Raids increases the more Raids you do.

We’re in the first week of the Halloween event. We expect to see changes in the coming days (fingers crossed for boosted shiny rates and boosted spawns). Niantic needs to make changes ASAP if they want players to remember the Halloween event 2019 as one of the best events.

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  1. I for one like the scarcity of them, makes it more exciting to be among friends with the only Shiny. Makes the hunt fulfilling. If everybody had one then what’s the point of playing. I understand the perfectionist of the pokedex but there’s always next time.

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