Pokemon Go Trainers Supposedly Crashed a Wedding

During the last Community Day event, which went live on October 12 featuring Trapinch, and according to reports from all over the internet, a large group of Pokemon Go player is accused of ‘crashing’ a wedding party/ceremony at a local park in Loveland, Colorado, the US.

So what happened on October 12 at Loveland’s Benson Sculpture Garden on October 12 from 11 AM to 2 PM local time?

On October 12 two large groups were seen at the local park. The first group was attending a wedding party/ceremony and the second group was the Pokemon Go players, who gathered at the park for the Trapinch’s Community Day event.

The first group already had a wedding reservation with an alcohol permit at the Benson Sculpture Garden gazebo. According to the city rules, this permit requires a 100-foot fenced radius around the shelter where the permit is held.

According to the city of Loveland, “The wedding party appropriately followed these guidelines which, unfortunately, resulted in a restroom facility and part of the sidewalk being sectioned off, thus restricting access for other park users.”

The second group, the Pokemon Go players, went to the park, which is legal, and enjoyed playing Pokemon Go. Now, according to reports from the wedding attendants, some players were walking amidst the reserved area, with their phones in their hands and not paying attention to their surroundings, which some people from the wedding found it insulting.

According to reports from players from that specific group, the signs/notice for the wedding were not clear and that the group left, because of the limited time of the event, before the wedding ceremony began.

The city of Loveland is familiar with the so-called incident, and they are welcoming everyone at their parks and facilities. They contacted Niantic and asked for a small area surrounding the gazebo at Benson Sculpture Garden to be excluded from the future Community Day event while leaving the rest of the park acts as a Community Day site. They added “Thanks to thoughtful communication with members of the Pokémon Go community, we better understand the importance that Benson holds for Pokémon Go players.”

They even made a Public Notice for the Pokemon Go players on their official Facebook page.

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