Respawn and Apex Legends Created the Best Halloween Event of All Times

Apex Legends’ Halloween event is now live and we have to say that Respawn definitely nailed it, as this is by far the best Halloween event we have ever seen in the world of video games.

Apex Legends’ Halloween event started on October 15 and will end on November 5 and as we said, we haven’t seen on experienced better Halloween event than this one…and here is why.

When you start the game (I’m playing on my PS4 Pro), you’ll first notice the background and the Apex Legends “lurking in the shadows.” Well, it’s their shadows and it’s still cool.

Now, on the right side, you’ll see the Fight or Fright event challenges and rewards, which are really cool and all of them, except the Complete 20 Daily Challenges must be completed in Shadowfall. This is what got me worried, as I couldn’t find the Shadowfall. First I thought it was an area located on the new map, so I entered in Ranked Mode, opened the map before launching my Legend and there was none.

Then I thought this should definitely be a new Game Mode, and yes, it was.

So I opened the Game Mode section, this is the section where you can choose to Train, play for fun, ranked leagues or the new Shadowfall Game Mode. And if you’re wondering, the Ranked Mode was automatically selected and that’s why I didn’t have to open it and change Game Modes.

Now, what’s very interesting about the Shadowfall Game Mode is that you can still play even if you’re eliminated. They can eliminate you thousands of times and you can still play. Yes, that’s true, but you can’t hold any weapon or shield, or bomb…you can use only your bare hands.

With that being said, you start as a normal Apex Legend (the one you’ve selected before starting the match) and you’ll find yourself on the previous map, but this time everything is dark, the dragons are shadows, you can see the moon, zombies and spiders are popping out of the loot bins and the music gives you chills. Oh, I almost forgot. Respawn released a new Fight or Fright music pack which can be selected in Loadout Game Customization and the Music Packs.

When you land with your Legend, everything is pretty much the same as it was on the previous map, you have the same weapons, shield, etc. and you are left on your own, meaning there are teams (as 3vs3), unless you team up with your friends to board the plane and beat the Shadows.

Now we come to the fun part. Legends don’t die in Shadowfall, they respawn as Shadows. These Shadows are faster, can jump higher and can climb on higher walls, but they can’t use weapons. The Shadows are on a hunt to beat the Legends with their bare hands and not let them board the “escape plane.” The Shadows can only be eliminated by the Legends using weapons, but they will keep respawning until the match is finished.

The Shadows have one goal and that’s is to stop the Legends from boarding the plane which lands on random location every time.

One Legend on the plane means that the Legends won and the Shadows lost the match. No Legends on the plane means that the Shadows won and the Legends lost the match. Simple, right.

The gameplay is pretty intense because you don’t know who to defend from and enemies, both Legends and Shadows are coming from everywhere and trust me, it’s not easy to be a  living Legend…it’s better to be a Shadow Legend.

With that being said, we definitely enjoyed every second of the new Game Mode and we have to say once more, this is the best Halloween event we have ever seen in the world of video games.

We would like to hear your experience about the new Shadowfall mode, so please leave your comment in the comment section below.

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