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Escape From Tarkov’s 0.12.1 Preliminary Patch Notes Revealed

As you know, Battlestate Games released the most significant update in Tarkov’s history. The patch titled 0.12 not only took the game on a more improved version of the Unity engine but also added a lot of new additions to the game. Being a huge update, it had a lot of surprises but also difficulties in which BSG is still figuring out proper addresses. That’s why the game is heading towards its next big update, labeled as 0.12.1.

As we have heard, Escape From Tarkov’s 0.12.1 is scheduled to release tomorrow and welcome a huge amount of variations, that in the end will contribute to a better gameplay experience.

In that regard, the developers have released a brand new update that will address a lot of known issues. Some of them connected to the new Weapon Presets bug, which denied you to buy all of the items and assemble the complete loadout, Scavs behavior, bug fixes, and lot more. Overall, the 0.12.1 is expected to be the full polisher of 0.12.

Furthermore, there was a podcast hosted by Shroud on Mixer featuring Nikita, the CEO of Battlestate Games, which confirmed their conflicts with the game’s current state. He stated that they’re doing everything to fix and optimize Escape From Tarkov, but also discovered a substantial topic on upcoming features including Storyline Quests.

The main aim of the Storyline Quests is to learn the players with the original story of the game. That would connect the player to all of the different factions, such as Cults, PMCs, Terra Group, and their origin. Tomorrow we’re prepared for a deeper dive of patch 0.12.1. For now, we’ll leave you only with the preliminary patch notes.


  • Various minor optimizations


  • A bug in which the game crashed when putting dollars and euros to a flea market
  • The counting bug, in post-match statistics, for fatal hit in part of the body (affects quests with the requirement to kill in a certain body part)
  • Error buying barter items at a flea market
  • A bug in which, after using the shooting range, the ability of interacting with the first-person hideout disappeared
  • A bug that visually displays the availability to improve the hideout, while there was a lack of resources for improvement
  • A bug in which it was impossible to use graphics cards that were inserted and pulled out of the bitcoin farm
  • Bunker door activation bug at military base
  • A bug in which interaction with the item was blocked after it is repaired
  • A bug in which, when a gamepad is attached, the keyboard bindings were reassigned incorrectly
  • A bug in which a weapon could bounce back to the corpse from which it was taken
  • A bug in which the number of items was not updated when they were purchased at a flea market
  • A bug in which the Fence’s range of goods was not updated after pressing the “refresh” button
  • A bug in which the pain effect was not saved if the character broke his legs from falling
  • You will no longer get empty ammo boxes as quest rewards
  • A bug in which the loading time of the game was increased when setting low FPS limit in the settings
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to walk around the hideout with weapon in hands
  • A bug in which the sight was not installed correctly in weapon presets
  • A visual bug in which the display of bitcoins production time was incorrect if you remove one graphics card from the farm
  • Bug with displaying the hideout scene in the main menu, after error 228
  • Bug with time display in the generator
  • Fixed a bug where, after error 228 Move Error, electricity remained in the hideout, with zero fuel
  • Fixed a bug where the PMC character without weapons began to twist hands from a third person view
  • Fixed display of health regeneration and parameters in the stash
  • Visual bug displaying the name of objects on the flea market, when part of the name was hidden regardless of the scrollbar position
  • Fixed reset display of flea market filters when entering the game
  • Visual adjustments of objects in the thermal imager
  • A bug in which the nickname of the scav could be painted in the same color as the nickname of the PMC character
  • A bug in which filters were not reset on first launch
  • Fixed display of active weapons in the shooting range
  • A bug where bots could ignore players
  • Now you can’t remove the base of the weapon on the presets screen
  • Fixed visual bug with not displaying of active quests after reconnect
  • Shoreline – fixed cottage door
  • Customs – fixed construction site culling
  • Customs – fixed culling of car and stairs of a 2-story dormitory when looking through the windows
  • Customs – fixed the cars and red container culling next to a new gas station
  • Fixed the incorrect display of the visor position on helmet icon
  • Fixed a bug in the order in which the chat delete confirmation window is displayed
  • Fixed experience gain for the use of medicines in the stash, now you do not need to restart the game
  • Fixed spamming error “Screen position out of view frustum”
  • Fixed a bug when examining new items from the Fence’s menu “EFT.UI.DragAndDrop.TradingItemView.OnPointerClick”
  • Fixed spamming error after reconnect “Look rotation viewing vector is zero”
  • Various technical fixes for the game settings system
  • Fixed various errors during the raid and in the main menu
  • Fixed various server bugs and errors
  • Fixed various localization bugs
  • Various minor bugfixes


  • Added option to adjust the sound volume in the hideout
  • Presets now get overwritten if there is a preset with the same name
  • Now after working with weapon presets, the preset filter gets reset at the flea market
  • Display of windows with information about hideout modules has changed
  • Adjusted fire damage on locations
  • Weapon presets: When searching for presets, the filter “Show only from traders” is automatically enabled
  • Removed confirmation when leaving the hideout
  • Now you do not have to save preset before searching for parts at the flea market

Escape From Tarkov is surely moving towards the milsim forefront for sure.

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