Escape From Tarkov Tweaks M1A Mods and Prices, Increases Plate Armor Value and more

BSG is not stopping the update choo-choo train

After yesterday’s podcast in which Nikita’s presence was quite notable, multiple changes have been confirmed to arrive in Escape From Tarkov. Alongside the increase of the Flash Drive spawn ratio, it was determined that some other minor issues related to weaponry and inventory management have to be addressed. With that, Battlestate Games have delved into and developed the necessary tweaks.

The M1A weapon and its modifications will no longer be inappropriate for the price. This was a reason to eliminate the power given by the same weapon and its attachments to modify the gun for a lot better performance. The ammo is undoubtedly one of the strongest, as it could destroy geared-to-the-teeth players quickly.

The armor classes and plate carries are a completely different option, and due to their imbalance, there was no reason for wearing some of the most expensive ones. With the recent update, Battlestate Games has addressed some of the plate carriers and added a larger amount of health points.

Below you can find the official tweet holding all of the changes addressed in today’s update.

Escape From Tarkov is currently in its 0.12 patch. It is running on the Unity 2018.4 engine, which is considered to be the latest and most stable release. The engine also allows the developers to make changes on the go and have a lot of firmer prospects for Tarkov’s future.

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