Fortnite “Dive!” Challenges Leaked

The “Dive!” mission is a part of the next week’s challenge compilation, scheduled to bring new surprises and the acquisition of letter E. That would be the last hidden letter challenge. The Dive challenges are set to release throughout the next week, which means first you’ll have to deal with the Trick Shot challenges.

For that to happen, let’s take a look at the leaked Dive challenges below:

Dive! Challenges

  • Deal Damage to descending Supply Drops
  • Eliminations at Hydro 16 or Holly Hedges
  • Search a Supply Drop within 10 seconds of it landing
  • Complete the swimming time trials at Lazy Lake and East of Hydro 16
  • Eliminations without aiming down sights
  • Pull an item, pull an opponent, and catch a fish using a Harpoon Gun
  • Deal damage to opponents within 30 seconds of using a glider
  • Search 2 chests within 30 seconds of each other
  • Harvest wood within 60 seconds after landing from the Battle Bus in a single match
  • Deal damage with 2 different weapons within 30 seconds
  • Search the hidden “E” found in the Dive! Loading Screen

Having all of the challenges could help you find

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