Nvidia Freestyle No Longer Supports Escape From Tarkov, Or It’s Maybe The Opposite?

Before a couple of hours, I was eligible to play Escape From Tarkov with my visual preferences. Things such as digital vibrance, sharpen, clarity, bloom level, and other various filters were making the game a lot more beautiful when they’re set up by the player’s will. Nvidia’s Freestyle was pretty much the replacement of Reshade since it got banned, and the best thing was that it was allowed by Battlestate Games. But, it seems like that’s no longer the case, as Nvidia Freestyle is now no longer available in EFT.

Once the Nvidia Freestyle shortcut is used, it says that a supported game is required to use this feature. See Pic Below:

Furthermore, there’s a big discussion going on on Reddit at this very moment regarding the removal of Nvidia Freestyle.

Nvidia freestyle no longer works after recent tarkov update. from EscapefromTarkov

Battlestate Games could purposefully perform this move to find a middle ground for both the users of Nvidia and AMD GPUs. The only righteous path the developers could take is to disable the Nvidia Freestyle, even if for a brief period until further actions are taken.

I’ve personally tried contacting BSG and waiting for their answer regarding this issue. Luckily we’ve received a response. The answer is as follows:

Nvidia Freestyle wasn’t disabled by Battlestate Games intentionally. We’re still investigating the cause.

Current Solution

Download an older version of Nvidia GeForce Experience. That should re-enable the Freestyle feature in EFT.


Everything seems to have been reverted as Nvidia Freestyle is once again working in Escape From Tarkov. You could get the latest version of GeForce Experience once again.

Some fans were criticizing the power of Nvidia Freestyle, while others were cheering its existence. Sadly, Nvidia Freestyle is no longer available, and players that got used to Nvidia Freestyle will have to tweak as much as they can through Nvidia’s Control panel. But, we doubt they’ll get any close to what Nvidia Freestyle offered.

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  1. Good, people who use reshade and freestyle are ‘modding’ the game, letting them see in the dark, its one step away from hacking. I hope it stays disabled.

    1. No, it’s not fake news, as you can notice the quote below we have contacted the devs and established it’s a problem on Nvidia’s GeForce Experience side. No need for accusations as such.

  2. ever since I updated geforce experience it always wipes my filters but this time with the latest update it it saying the game is not supported. i do think it is something on nvidias side that has screwed something up. there was no update. uninstall and reinstall of game or geforce has fixed the issue.

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