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Third Nerf The Charm for Modern Warfare’s 725 Shotgun?

Infinity Ward did not hesitate to tweak the most broken weapon in Modern Warfare further. If you’re in delusion and do not know what we’re talking about, it is the 725 Shotgun. Before the first update, the Shotgun was eligible for closing battles at long-range distances, eliminating players on the opposite side of the scope with ease. The first nerf of the Shotgun resulted in a fail, the second nerf was slightly better, and the third tweak has hopefully shut down the struggle of Infinity Ward intercepted over the past couple of weeks.

The feedback by the players was straightforward, each of them favoring a nerf of the 725 Shotgun, for which Infinity Ward had no options but to listen and develop accordingly. Similar to the second nerf, this time, the Shotgun will receive an even more significant range damage reduction.

If you haven’t read our previous article regarding the Shotgun play in Modern Warfare, we can assure you that not only the 725 is broken, but other Shotguns at close range combat are still considered to be overpowered, such as the R9-0. It wouldn’t surprise me personally if the Shotgun still dominates because the strong side of that same weapon is its presence in a CQB (Close Quarter Battle). That’s where the gun belongs and also performs the best.

But, since this is the 725 Shotgun’s third nerf, we won’t be surprised to see yet another one. The nature of the weapon cannot be changed, and campers are very familiar with it. Therefore, we wish good luck to everyone who’s about to experience the revamped Shotgun.

Speaking of the update, below you can find the full patch notes released in


  • Special Operations: Fix for an issue where a player would see no objective after retrying a mission after spectating (Operation Paladin)
  • CDL: Fix for rulesets in Search and Destroy where Field Upgrades were disabled
  • Fix for an exploit where players could duplicate their killstreaks (“Fix for various exploits”)
  • Fix for the “Blue V” Optic challenge not displaying the proper text description
  • Fix misspelling of “trophy.”

Ground War:

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the filter on the respawn selection screen to stay on screen when spawning back in
  • Fix for an issue where the Select Loadout screen would keep reappearing after already selecting a loadout and attempting to spawn back in


The following challenges have been fixed:

  • “Infiltrator”
  • “Warrior’s Code”
  • “Aggression”
  • “Dominator”
  • “Munitions”
  • Officer progression “Launch Destroys”
  • Officer progression “Heartbreaker”
  • Officer progression ”Precision Airstrike”
  • Officer progression: “Karma”
  • Officer progression “Close and Personal”


  • AUG
    • Increasing close range damage
    • Increasing mid damage range and reduced chest multiplier
  • 725
    • Small reduction to base weapon damage range
    • Significantly reduced the damage range added by attachments
    • Small hips spread increase
    • Reduced effective damage at the hip
  • Model 680: Slight reduction of damage range with all range-extending attachments
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