Cloud Chamber Is Working on a New BioShock Game

Cloud Chamber, a studio based in San Francisco, is most definitely working on a new BioShock game. Shortly after the announcement that Cloud Chamber has become a part of 2K Games, the parent company Take-Two Interactive has acknowledged that the main aim is the future of the BioShock series.

According to the press release, Cloud Chamber is already on the tail of the next BioShock iteration.

Cloud Chamber has started to work on the next iteration of the globally acclaimed BioShock® franchise, which will be in development for the next several years.

That drives us to a confirmation of what’s presumed to be the next BioShock game. Judging by its predecessors, BioShock titles have required around 3-4 years of development, which means that if the work on BioShock has been started before two years, that will drag us to 2021-22 until BioShock 4 arrives.

Without knowing the exact time in the loop creation, it could be hard to guess for BioShock’s next appearance. Nevertheless, knowing that the project is being worked on can somewhat confirm the rumors of new protagonist and characters leaked.

We’ll be tracking this news and find out of anything new comes out.

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