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Escape From Tarkov Drops a Huge Content Update To Finish 2019 With a Style – 12.2 Patch Notes

Battlestate Games released Escape From Tarkov’s most significant content update for the year 2019, entirely aside from patch 0.12. Just before the end of the year, the developer has decided to include a couple of new weapons and mods, a new questline (a quite grindy one), and one of the fans’ favorites, new BEAR and USEC cosmetics. According to the latest DevBlog #7 that was deleted, Escape From Tarkov will probably tweak some of the tasks’ requirements.

One of the new quests is hiding the clothing of the notorious “Killa,” which is a Scav Boss on Interchange. The task is pretty straightforward, and killing him 100 times will unlock the Abibas tracksuit to each accomplisher. Expect high traffic inside of the mall, because this will be most probably be the most desirable task for every single hardcore player. Despite that, new cosmetics will be opened for both USEC and BEAR, allowing each player to customize its character per their will.

Classified as 12.2, this update will also include an enhanced preset mode, allowing the players to tweak their weapon builds faster, alongside a substantial number of bug fixes. BSG is probably working out of office hours, so Kudos to their commitment to embellish their game even further.

At the time of this writing, the update is still in development, which means the servers are under maintenance. It will take approximately 1 hour, so until then, you could take a look at the full patch notes below:

List of changes:

  • Now in weapon preset mode, after purchasing the necessary mods, player will be returned to the preset screen
  • Added the ability to disable icons in the hideout (i key)
  • New sounds for SKS, DVL shots
  • Redesigned Kiver-M helmet model
  • Increased rate of fire of P226


  • New weapons: DT MDR 7.62×51, VPO 215, SR-25, ORSIS T-5000, MP-9, MP-9N
  • New types of rifle rounds: 7.62x54r, 7.62×51
  • New weapons mods
  • New clothes for USEC and BEAR (including Abibas tracksuit)
  • Optimization:
  • Various location optimizations


  • For single-use medicines, the “Use” item was not displayed in the context menu
  • The inability to go to the weapon presets menu through the handbook
  • The inability to go to the weapon presets menu through the trade screen and flea market
  • A bug in which after building the zone in the hideout for a second appeared a screen with the conditions for the next level of this zone
  • Bug with the display of hideout zone icons after switching from another screen
  • A bug in which, when changing weapons, an optics lens appeared in the air
  • A bug in which the player could move the hideout camera while on the weapon presets screen
  • A bug on the Reserve in which an outdoor sound was played while in bunker
  • A bug in which the flashlight on the weapon illuminated the background of the weapon presets menu
  • A bug when abruptly leaving the hideout after clicking on the “Build” button made it impossible to build this improvement in the future
  • The display of the ping value out of the raid has been removed
  • Display of fuel cells in the generator window
  • Display of raindrops on weapons indoors
  • Setting the frame rate limit in the game no longer affects the frame rate in the main menu
  • Location of the Jaeger’s cache at the exit from the highway at the Interchange
  • Display requirements in the zone window after construction/improvement of the zone
  • Shoreline exfil access availability display
  • Various bugs leading to error 228
  • A bug in which items thrown away in the raid could move on the ground
  • Various localization fixes
  • Offline game impossibility fixes
  • Improved grenades sync

Happy New 2020, Tarkovians!

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