Escape From Tarkov’s Third “Raid” Episode Premiere

The third episode of the real-life Tarkov Raid series will arrive on January 1st. It correlates a picturesque story of Escape From Tarkov, the realistic survival first-person looter shooter video game. It appears that the game is on another level this period after Tarkov started a “Twitch Drops” co-op and gained exposure by multiple famous streamers who have joined its bandwagon.

With the first and second episodes of the Raid Series out, you can easily catch up with the ending point of the story, and continue with the third one. All of the series clearly represent the rivalry between the two in-game units, BEAR and USEC, but Scavs are always there to cause a bit more drama.

I honestly got a sense that this episode may be an episode about the Scav Bosses, coordinating the Scavengers across the streets of Tarkov, or there will be raiders involved, including a high possibility to finally see the Cult and its purpose.

That said, we have to wait and see for the final result, and that will be tomorrow. If you wouldn’t like to miss the premiere, you could set up a reminder on the official YouTube video.

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