Modern Warfare’s Live Store Is Very Rich If You Have a Deep Wallet

Have you ever had a chance to browse the Modern Warfare store? Together with Season 1, a set of cosmetics, operators, and more has emerged on the previously blank store. Having everything in one place, exceptionally this good looking makes me very scared about myself. I can barely sustain myself from not buying a sharp-looking skin that, in a way, represents my game style. And in this case, this store? It seems like most of the contents fits me well.

From robust, grown-up looking skins to Anime ones, Emblems, Charms, and Operators, it has packages that are quite seductive to the human eye. A tactical marketing approach which may bring a substantial monetization. Basically said, you could easily spend $200 and still miss a couple of the goodies found within this rotation. Talking about a vibrant store, you say?

Store Contents will swap based on a countdown timer. Days or weeks, the existing ones are a limited time offer, only if they’re not making a return to the store. But, most definitely, that won’t be a problem. The timer pretty much indicates an entirely new store on each countdown finish, so it doesn’t become redundant. The Battle Pass, on the other side, offers a sturdy amount of rewards. By spending $10 for 1000CP, you could get the basic version, while $20 for 2400CP grant a 20 tier Battle Pass.

Therefore, if you couldn’t afford yourself unique skins or blueprints that are on sale within a particular store rotation, you can quickly grab yourselves the Battle Pass, as that would be the smartest thing to do. It still offers real substantial experience and surprises, alongside the newest operator, Mara, which is probably the best-looking one on the Coalition side.

The amount of skins is compelled to grow, and god knows if we could acquire all of the items on each rotation. CoD Partners can easily afford themselves a good deal, while ordinary players have to provide a bottomless wallet.

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