Hey EFT Hatchlings, How Does “Tagged and Cursed” Feel Like?

This is an open message to all the hatchlings in Escape From Tarkov. How do you feel? Are those red key cards worth running for? Well, for those that do not know, Battlestate Games have made them Russian sneaky scavengers run for guys that enter naked. By naked, I mean hatchlings.

The ones that are seemingly trying to connect end to end and get richer are going to have a colossal roadblock from now on. A couple of hours ago, the developers decided to activate the “Tagged and Cursed” feature to all the scavs.

What is Tagged and Cursed in Escape From Tarkov?

Tagged and Cursed was usually defined for offline games, in which players can add a different amount of AI in order to practice. It is an option that will make all of the scavs rush towards the player, no matter his positioning on the map.

With that said, AI Scavs will now try to tackle anyone who has entered a raid without any equipped weapon. This is done to prevent hatchet runners from snatching valuable items from maps such as Shoreline (Resort), Labs (Red Room), and other maps that spawn valuable items. The most expensive at the moment, understandably, the Lab Red Keycard, which price to purchase is extremely high for newcomers.

This is Battlestate Games’ periodical change, which they tend to monitor in the coming future. To soak today’s changes better, we have tried to join multiple maps as hatchlings. It made us laugh as the hungry scavs were instantly rushing towards us.

Unless players find a way to abuse this change, this would probably be the best tackle against hatchlings. But, we’ll have to wait for a bit longer and see what comes out.


Angel Kicevski

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  1. imagine being a group of players, who want loot the easy way. you and your friends join up, one takes in no gear and someone else takes gear in for him. this one guy is now tagged and cursed, which will probably not lift as it´s a setting and we know settings cant change once in a raid. this group of geared players will now get all the scav kills, all the lab entry cards and keys. making it one of the better ways to farm lab entry cards, which can then be used to farm labs with the same tactic. which seems kinda counter productive tbh

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