Red Dead Online PC Players are Attacked by Two-Headed Skeletons

Wild skeletons are spawning and attacking players in Red Dead Online and one player shared a video of him being attacked by these two-headed skeletons.

Red Dead Redemption 2 online mode is known for PvP battles among players. They slip into the roles of bounty hunters and hunt for other people who have gotten a big bounty.

So far, so normal, but it looks like a skeleton got a bounty on you and it will do anything to complete its ‘mission.”

Reddit user Keisenberg_  had an encounter with the new ‘enemy’ and shared his story and a cool, unusual video on the Red Dead Online Reddit channel.

I was attacked by something I never expected.

First, you see his character walking around in Rhodes, which is a settlement in Red Dead Redemption 2 in the Scarlett Meadows region of the Lemoyne territory when suddenly a skeleton with 2 heads appears behind him, approaches from behind and starts throwing punches.

Then there is an exchange of punches, left-right combinations into the face of the online cowboy by the skeleton.

It is only when the cowboy pulls out the gun that the skeleton grabs its bony legs and makes a run for it. The cowboy then gets its sniper, and we’re not sure what happened, so we strongly advise you to watch the video below, but we do know that the skeleton ran away.

The problem of the user Keisenberg_ occurred with the PC version of Red Dead Online. Accordingly, it is reasonable to assume that hackers spawned these skeletons in the world.


The highest-rated comment is: “A good hacker decides that if Rockstar doesn’t do an undead nightmare, he takes it into his own hands.” This is because players are waiting for an undead nightmare DLC for RDR 2.

Another player claims that he also found the two-headed skeleton in an online session on PS4. So far, however, this could not be confirmed correctly because the video does not really show the game version of the uploader.

So, some people wanted a video to prove this was not photoshopped.. ok here is the video, took it on my phone so people could see it’s a monitor shot … from r/RDR2

Others write on Reddit that it was really a harmless attack by a hacker. They can get a lot worse, especially when hackers in Red Dead Online are after you with teleportations, god mode, and loud explosions.


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