Take a Look at The Creepiest Escape From Tarkov Hacker, Ever

Have you played Escape From Tarkov with a strange feeling of being watched by someone? Well, if you haven’t, you could eventually be a victim of such a scenario. In a Reddit thread, an experienced Tarkov player with Reddit alias Zamodius has been a victim of such frightening, and everyone who watched the video can estimate the creepiness within. An invisible hacker you’d say? No way! Well, wait until you watch the whole video.

While it may be a self-provided hack, which grants benefits and makes the imbiber invisible, it could also be a word about a bug. Almost everyone blamed BSG for the lack of rigorous anti-cheat measures in what’s considered to be the world’s most punishing, hence realistic video game.

Below you can find the video in which the abuser is invisible, first discovered by the looting sound. Shortly after, the hacker snatches one of the painkillers from the player.

Ever wondered why you’re seeing less loot? Here’s why. from EscapefromTarkov

This couldn’t be more Sketchy than this. Probably the creepiest moment I’ve ever witnessed in Escape From Tarkov. So, would you still consider it’s a hack, or it’s just a bug?

Coming from a previously closed case, BSG had some issues with invisible Scavs in Escape From Tarkov. After the invisible Scavs problem was allegedly fixed, it could’ve turned into a player issue, which may be the culprit of what we just witnessed above.

Angel Kicevski

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