Escape From Tarkov Long Queues And How To Fix Them?

Hello Tarkovians, how are you today? Well, it seems that most of you are having struggles with long queues and whatnot, so you might want to check a couple of settings before you go forward. We know that you have probably tried to toy with the servers from the launcher to gain as many benefits as you can. But, that’s not a thing with a game that’s still in its Beta phase and does not represent the final product, such as Escape From Tarkov.

With that said, we’re here to try and help you realize why does the queue takes a bit longer than usual, especially for those that have toyed with the servers manually. First of all, let us remind you again, that some of the servers are usually facing an overload due to the new wave of players.

Ok, so let’s jump straight to the point. If you’ve tweaked the servers from the launcher and choose preferred ones, those might vanish. How’s that so? After being absent from the game for a couple of days, I was seeking for a good retaliation run in Escape From Tarkov. I was eager to jump into the game when I hit a queue roadblock and was asking myself why is this happening now when it wasn’t before.

Well, I have realized that some of the previous servers I’ve had checked were gone. I usually had the five lowest-ping servers checked, and never even bothered rechecking them, not until today. Well, it appears that some of the servers are now gone, or they have unchecked themselves somehow from the launcher.

That might be the main reason for the long queue we had, and so it might be the reason for you too. If you’ve never had tinkered with the servers before, this is where you can change them:

This is actually on the BSG launcher itself. So once you start up the launcher, search for the Change Server button (highlighted with no.1 in the pic above). That will open a popup window containing a lot of servers (highlighted with no.2). Over there, you can check the region, and the round trip time (PING).

So even if you knew where the servers are located, there still might be a big problem regarding the same. Some of the servers have disappeared from our previously chosen options. We’ve been left with only one server, which probably is the reason why we had an increased queue time. Therefore, we have decided to go and check the button at the very bottom of the popup window, which says Use Automatic Server Selection ().

This will shuffle a player between each server that is closest to him, and check if it has an open session ready. Hence, it will speed up the queue timing. But why is not everyone doing this?

Common sense would be the following:

Players do not want to lose their PMC gear, right? Therefore, they keep their Scav run available, so in case they die, they have a bigger chance to return to their primary server where things went wrong.

What we’ve noticed is that even if you play with your friends together, and you have chosen to play on all servers, but your players have set their servers manually, it may be the reason for a long queue. Therefore, before you argue or blame the game or developer BSG for having this issue, you might want to reconsider checking your server options. Have a beautiful day, mister Scav!

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