Escape From Tarkov Will Have a Lower Pace Due to Stamina/Fatigue Redesign

We all know how Escape From Tarkov feels a bit too fast-paced for its level of realism. The game needed a rework, especially in the stamina/fatigue department. In the current patch, once the player is loaded with over 60 kilograms of loot, he can run like a feather, not to mention the bunny hopping. Luckily, Battlestate Games has decided to put a stop to that with a simple stamina/fatigue redesign.

Escape From Tarkov will no longer be a fast-paced game with the next patch. How Battlestate Games tackled, the problem is by adding another Stamina bar. From the two stamina bars, the top and blue stamina bar will be related to the player’s melee attack/hold breath. In contrast, the green stamina will be connected to the player fatigue and movement.

Once the player reaches 60KG of weight, he will be barely moving. Being weightless will be such an advantage to have. This was discovered in today’s Podcast, in which BSG has discovered the redesign of the Stamina bars.

Not only that, but the character will also face a potential fatigue debuff if he’s moving without stamina for a more extended period. This will result in an increased energy loss. There will be an excellent way to tackle this, and it will be possible with stamina/strength stems. They will also be buffed, and their purpose will finally be quite valuable.

To see the official presentation of this feature coming to Escape From Tarkov, check the video below:

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The realism of Tarkov is finally at the right place once again. There will be more discovered during the Podcast, so stay tuned!

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