Battlestate Games Battling Ping Abusers in Escape From Tarkov

Battlestate Games, the developer of the tactical first-person shooter Escape From Tarkov, has announced that starting from tomorrow, ping abusers will have a rough time. That means that multiple regions that have managed to break the boundaries and swap between EU, NA, and Asia, to gain some sort of benefit will no longer be possible to.

As announced, the plan is to limit the player RTT or PING to a maximum of 250. Anything above that ping would cause the player to disconnect from the server. It is something most of the players have been eager to get in order to have a better gameplay experience.

According to the official statement:

Tomorrow we plan to switch on server side high ping kicks. The limit will be 250 for a start and it will be lowered for compromise number during testing time.

Kick will not be instant when you reach limit number. You will need to stay several seconds above the limit to get kicked.

This rule won’t apply to residents in the US and EU, and co-op between these two regions will still be available due to the new ping limit, and the ping between the US and EU is usually under 200. This would not cause any problems, as it is below the initial 250 ping limitation.

BSG noticed that 250 ping is just a starting value, as it may go lower in the future, which further may lead to a full closure between US and EU players.

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  1. I have terrible WiFi and have been able to run Taarkov without issue. I have been owned by many higher level players and do not have a clue how to use my higher ping to my advantage. The only difference I have seen has been the game has become unplayable for people like me. I kow in the modern era it’s rare to have terrible WiFi but where I live cows outnumber people. I am looking for retribution for the $40 I spent on this MMO that has now gone down the drain.

  2. f*** this dumbasss rule, I haven’t been able to play since. I guess the developers don’t care about the little man. F*** EFT and fuck the people behind this f****** shitty ass change in gameplay

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