Duos Will Arrive to CoD: Warzone, Time Unknown

If you’re among the skeptics due to the prolongation of new game modes in CoD: Warzone, worry not. Infinity Ward has announced to enrich the category by adding Duos to its most renowned Battle Royale game. Its fans, which vehemently desire the addition of Duos to CoD: Warzone, will no longer have to demur.

In an interview with GamerGen, in which other things were discussed as well, such as the support of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, Amos Hodge, creative director at Raven Software, talks about the addition of Duos mode in Warzone. The company directly involved in the Battle Royale game mode CoD: Warzone is Raven Software, which secretly craves peace in our hearts.

Amos Hodge stated that by listening to the community, Duos is on the verge of release. In its current states, it requires work to resolve some bugs, but it is scheduled to release earlier than late. Check out the report below:

We had Duos on Plunder, but I’m not sure where Duos is, we got some bugs to work out with Duos. But we’re listening to the community – if you noticed, we launched with just Trios, then we added Solos, the we added Quads, so we will get to a place where we add Duos in the future. There’s just no exact time I can give you for now, but Duos is coming. You’ve already seen in Plunder, but there’s just things we gotta figure out, find the right timing and everything else.

That means that Duos is indeed coming to CoD: Warzone, the most recent and authentic Battle Royale experience. CoD: Warzone has recently been struggling with cheaters, for which Infinity Ward has decided to enhance the anti-cheat and add a report option. More about that can be found here. With a developer that monitors and listens to player inquiries, fans have no reason to be scared, but to praise and cheer the development as it goes.

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