Pokemon Dark Edition noOne Studio Fan Project

Pokemon lovers, over the years we have seen many cool and interesting fan-made project, but nothing can beat the latest Pokemon Dark edition fan-made trailer created by the “noOne crew.”

The Pokemon Dark Edition trailer that you’re about to see below, is directed by four friends, Clément Martin, Fabrice Leger, Florian Malchow, and Thomas Jerz.

There are so many interesting details in the trailer, the story (by my taste) it looks much better than the official movie and I just wanted to know more about it. So, I’ve reached out to one of the guys responsible for this piece of art, Clément Martin, and asked him a bit more about what noOne is, what is the Pokemon Dark Edition project and more.

The Pokemon Dark Edition is probably the best Pokemon trailer I’ve seen! Can you please tell me more about noOne Studio?

Thank you! Even if we call our team noOne studio, we’re not a studio :). it’s just our director’s name crew. It’s a YouTube channel we originally made with my director’s duo, Pati & Lemo, so all of our friends can post their 3D projects as we did with Pokemon.

What’s the story behind the Pokemon Dark Edition? What message do you guys want to share with the Pokemon Community?

About the story, we actually wrote the full movie screenplay before choosing the best scenes to make the trailer. This is the story of a single dad with a single child. He is a police officer investigating The Team Rocket Pokemon traffic. To make him stop, Giovanni decides to kidnap his daughter. We originally planned to make that scene with Regis and his Alakazam but it was to much work. Anyways, Ricky (the main character) lost the case because he was obviously to emotionally attached to it. So he decides to infiltrate The Team Rocket organization and become a Pokemon Trainer. I don’t want to spoil too much of it, just in case one day Nintendo or Netflix contact us :). What we wanted to do with that trailer is to show to the fans how a Pokemon world would actually look in real life. Let’s be realistic for a second. Animal fighting, animal trading? Doesn’t it sound like illegal stuff for you? That’s why we did the Pokemon trafficking and mafia thing.

Who is the guy from the trailer? What’s his story?

Ricky is a new character we made for the trailer. We didn’t want to build our story on an original character because they are already known from everyone and the story would have been kind of obvious. We wanted a little something new.

What are the names of the Pokemon featured in the trailer?

Ricky’s Pokemon is Quilava. The one he is fighting in the garage is Sandslash. The one in the cage is Pikachu. Machamp is the one with the SWAT team, Charizard is the one from the big arena, and Meowth is the cat. About Meowth, a lot of people in the comments told us that we did a bad interpretation of it. And it’s true that Meowth is the one we adopted the most. First of all, I want to say that we love that character and that’s why we wanted to push our interpretation on him. And second of all, Meowth is the only Pokemon acting like a human. Meowth is fascinated by them and wants to be like them. We pushed that concept farther and gave him a coat, and jewels. We thought that in a more realistic world, he would act way more like a human than he does in the anime.

For last, you guys did an amazing job and the Pokemon community loves it! We also want to see this becoming a movie and have an actual release date better than Noctober 32 🙂 That being said, are you planning on making a full-length movie?

About Noctober 32 this is obviously a fake date. It took us 2.5 years in our free time for the trailer only. Making a full movie would cost a few $ millions, a full-time team for 2 more years. We obviously don’t have the needed resources. Maybe if Nintendo or Netflix wants to give us a call, then we make it happen :).

Now, it’s time to check out their masterpiece, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Would you like to see this as a full-length movie? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. YEA I WOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! OVER AND OVER AGAIN! It’s very similar to the detective Pikachu movie they did make.. But this as the name states is a much darker version of it all! With a sweet new look on the Pokémon. Personally, I love this idea and hope it can come to the big screen!

  2. This trailer beings an amazing new way to see the world of Pokemon. I like the idea of creating a new world character and a pokemon partner which in my own case never really got the credit it deserves. Cyndaquil has always been a favorite of mine. I like the intake that our world the way it is makes its way into the world of Pokemon I would honestly love to see this made into a film and so much more. Also love the take on meowth to make him so human looking to a point where his fur is Even removed was outstanding take.. Netflix or Nintendo please do this.

  3. Me and my sons are huge Pokémon fans. We watched detective Pikachu multiple times and still play pokemon go daily.
    We would love to see a dark pokemon full length movie. You all should make the happen. Im already excited.

  4. I would watch this all the time that is class fair play. They need to make this I love pokemon.

  5. This was a great interview and preview. I’d definitely watching a movie like this. Love the realistic approach to the pokemon

  6. I would love to see this full movie it looks amazing!!! It’s a must where’s Netflix!!!! This looks amazing!!!!

  7. I personally have always dreamed of seeing a realistic gritty “dark” version of pokemon. These guys did an amazing job! Would love to see a feature length film, if not a whole series, based in a Pokemon world such as this! Someone should definitely fund this film!!!

  8. Please make this into a movie. Or better yet, a series because a series would keep people coming back for more. A movie is like one and done where a series can go on and on and on.
    I would like to watch HOURS of this. Not just a movie.

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