Prince of Persia 6 Domain Registered by Ubisoft

Another series of the long-forgotten Prince of Persia franchise may be arriving. This is confirmed with the current domain registration performed by Ubisoft. A very similar move to the one done for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which domain was registered shortly after the game’s reveal. But, would it be a decent move to go back to sands of time?

Prince of Persia was a detailed action-adventure game. A journey filled with surprising elements, including puzzles that were quite challenging. I could only imagine what could be done within a new series. If a comeback is on the go, which most likely is, what would it be?

A while ago, there was a rumor on ResetEra that a remake of Sands of Time is in the works. Could this be reformed and twisted into a Prince of Persia 6? Nothing particular has been spoken out of officials, which left us with guessing. Nevertheless, the new domain name is proven to be legit and registered by Ubisoft.

If coincidentally, if we follow the story of AC Valhalla, a reveal should be coming very soon.

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