BSG Rollback Escape From Tarkov’s Latest Update

Today, Battlestate Games has deployed a small technical Escape From Tarkov patch that was probably supposed to settle known issues and introduce a smoother gameplay experience. Sadly, the patch has landed with a flaw, leading to unstable FPS and crashes.

Shortly after the update, players that have had non-Latin characters in the game path couldn’t launch the game. The error as pronounced by BSG, “Failed to Load encryption library,” had no other fix but to rename the directory path with only Latin characters, and confirm the new game directory within the launcher. That would allow players to verify the game faster without processing new downloads.

Furthermore, after the update of Nvidia GeForce, players were unable to join Tarkov, for which BSG instructed them to update the GeForce Experience app to the latest version. Just a short notice. Before two days, Nvidia has released a driver update, which may be the cause of these hiccups.

Among today’s update and the advent of these problems, there have been further performance-related issues for which the developers had to rollback to the previous version of the game. Currently, Escape From Tarkov is still under maintenance and will become available to play in a short time.

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