Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad Domains Registered, New Batman Game Imminent?

Rocksteady seems to have been working on a new Batman game. Today, the work has probably been exposed further thanks to the registrations of two new domains. According to the domain names, it would be silly not to believe that Rocksteady is working on a new Batman title.

Warner Bros is most probably coming close to a reveal of a brand new Batman video game. Thanks to DriftingOrbit, a user over at ResetEra, the most popular place known for discussions around the gaming industry, we are heading closer and closer to a new game reveal. The domains registered are for Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights.

But there was another registrar that was discovered at a later stage with the name Suicide Squad Killed The Justice League, which is somewhat peculiar and confusing. So far, it was rumored that Warner Bros is brewing something in this category. Rocksteady was also supposed to attend E3 and introduce the big surprise. With the absence of E3 2020, we haven’t had the chance to witness if this was a word about a new Batman Game or something else.

While uncertainty is still present, confirmations have to be dropped down, and only hope the story at least holds a shimmer of truth.

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