Call of Duty 2020 Black Ops Cold War

Data miners have unearthed potential details about Call of Duty 2020, including notes about Zombies, Warzone, Campaign, and Multiplayer maps. “Prototype Warehouse” a Twitter user has unearthed a set of tags hidden within the game’s files. And they all seem to be from “The Red Door,” an alpha version of this year’s Call of Duty that appeared on the Windows Store earlier this week. Other users have reported that when downloaded The Red Door, it is titled Call of Duty: Black Ops CIA.

The different phrases that were posted on Twitter yesterday seem to relate to different modes within the game. The embedded tweet below supposedly contains strings tied to the single-player campaign, with titles like “nam_armada, nam_prisoner” and “rus_kgb,” which hint to it being in Vietnam and Russia. Back in May, there was a leak that we reported on which suggests that the game of this year will return to the historical setting of its namesake franchise and will be called Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Along with the single-player maps, there were multi-player maps found, too, like Moscow, Satelite, and Tank. And Eurogamer also noted that in the Call of Duty 2020 gameplay leaks, there was a map called Tank as well. There was also a Warzone reference found by data miners such as “duga” and “ski slopes” and an alone tag “Silver,” which is supposedly tied to the game’s Zombies mode.

It’s not clear how any of this ties together, but the evidence is building concerning the alleged makeup of 2020’s Call of Duty game. It is speculated that the game will be revealed at this week’s Xbox Games Showcase, but it is not known for now these are only theories.

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