Paid Subscription Service Coming to Pokemon Go?!

Many free mobile video games offer a special service known as a paid subscription service, and according to the latest information directly from PokeMiners, it seems that Niantic and Pokemon Go are preparing to provide the same service.

At the moment we are not sure if it is Pokemon Home, because they said that Pokemon Home can be used by Pokemon Go players, they just did not say when. Maybe they forgot about it.

We all know that this type of paid subscription service will increase the company’s profitability, but at the same time, it could, and would be very useful for the players. Yes, I know, many of you might say that there is already an in-game shop with all the items, but what if this service offers you many more items and you pay less? To be honest, I would like it a lot more. If they decide to bring this service into the game, it would definitely help many Pokemon Go players.

They could give you the ability to use any raid pass remotely, give a persistent 10% XP bonus, double gym coin bonus, your storage is uncapped while subscribed, a legendary research each week, an elite TM each month, free stardust, etc…

This game already gives a huge advantage to those who pay for it in terms of incubators, raid passes, elite TM boxes, being able to afford to drive long loops, gatchas, and multi-account / multi-devices. I don’t see a subscription substantially changing that unless they go really crazy with what they give out.

What do you think about this? Would you be subscribed if Niantic decides to launch this system tomorrow? We would like to hear about your opinion, so please let us know in the comment section below.

Dejan Kacurov

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  1. I don’t think it’s worth it. I feel they will lose business than to keep and that would not be good for them. I feel the way it is now is just fine.

  2. Honestly, I’m more of the F2P variety unless I’ve got money to burn on a gift card or something of the like. Prefer to earn in-game currency the old-fashioned way, so I’m probably not the target market.

  3. I’m thinking it would be time to delete the game I’ve been playing for the last 4 years and look for something else to entertain myself with…. greed has ruined many great things, pokemon go will be just another notch on greed’s bedpost if they go this route!!!

  4. Concern is they cannot get their software to work right now. Now we will have to pay to maintain playing the game with bad software. Depends on cost! Spend a lot now!

  5. It will lose service if they divide to do it all my family members play the game if they do it we stop playing the game

  6. As an F2P level 40, I can take down any gym by myself, I can solo any non-shuckle T3 raid boss, do all the research quests, get to level 7 in the Go League… There is nothing that I need any advantage to do. Even though I’m F2P, I raid with a lot of people who do spend money. If Niantic loses people like me, they are killing support that their paying customers need.

  7. If they change it completly to ptp they would lose a lot of buisness but say its still FtP but u got an upgrade option for like 15 to 20 with good benifits it let the younger players and players who just do it out of bordom still play and it could potentialy depending on what u get for subscribing it could boost the hardcore players and some players in the middle like me. I would pay for the subscription depending on the prizes for the PtP feature

  8. Nay I say. They’re already throwing advertisements in the Pokestops, so they’re making revenue there. The gifts from the stops are essentially ads as well for businesses that have them. Been playing for 4 years, but will drop Pokemon Go if it becomes a subscription service.

  9. To many glitches and what about those who are on fixed incomes? What if they can’t afford it where does that leave them? More than likely I wouldn’t play .

  10. Or we pay for Access to the gamę or we pay for extra Items (real money or more effort on game for pocecoins)
    Niantic – think rather about possibilities odf playing on big dostanie like thx to blue raidpasses) and similar barierowa, then yoy’ ll earn

  11. We are in a financial crisis and barely having what is needef to play Pokemongo,if they are planning to do it, it should be an option if you have extra money to subscribe and leave the trainers who aren’t fortunate with extra money to continue playing the way they have.

  12. I definitely can’t afford to subscribe to the game it’s hard enuff buying remote raid passes and items. I would be forced to have to delete the game and never turn back and that’s really harsh to say because I love this game. I’m with the person above me. You should leave the trainers who aren’t fortunate with extra money continue to play. Most of us have kids of our own or pay for data for multiple phones to play trainers can’t subscribe to multiple accounts. This just seems unfair I’m pretty upset about this .

    Sincerely a dedicated pogo player

  13. This is a terrible idea,They will lose alot of business due to a paid subscription!Money will be lost and no one will never play it again kids,teens and adults a like would walk away from something that was a good idea turned completely sour!

  14. They are going to lose their player base. If they run for money, they will ruin the gameplay. I live in a town where my group worked hard calling on some players from other towns to help us nominate pokestops and gyms as we did not have any level 40 players. It took a year to build our town. Started out with 3 players, now we are a group of 30. Now if subscription is on the way, most of our players will leave.

  15. If they try and force money out of my pocket I will have to force everyone I know to move on to something else. This game isn’t even that good of a multi-player game anyways. I already think its a waist of time but there aren’t that many reason for me to go outside now of days.

  16. Now if they do it complete sub version that would be bad. But if the make it f2p with the option for players to pay for a subscription that wouldn’t be bad at all. Hope if they are doing this they make it a option and not force it on people

  17. I think its a good idea if they give us alot of the stuff we would normally have to pay for. I would mind paying 15 bucks a month to have raid passes and incubators and other things all month. But if I would still have to pay for those items and pay a monthly fee I would be disappointed.
    Also if I’m paying monthly now I would want things in the game to be more accurate. The walking parts of the game don’t Lay’s calculate correctly and there are a few bugs that would drive me nuts if I was paying for the game monthly.
    I love this game and would love to see it become like WOW or Cal of Duty but they would have to bring it up to that standard.

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

  18. Dear author, if you think that Niantic charging for a subscription is about making the player’s experience any better, then you are stupid.

  19. No thank you. I’m tired of pay to play. I’m already annoyed that paying for items gives a great advantage. I’ll quit playing all together.

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