Project Athia World Building Engine Showcased

A while back, an anonymous game was announced for PS5 going by the name of Project Athia. A trailer for the game was also released, featuring a woman running and jumping through a mythical open world. The devs behind Project Athia are Luminous Productions, a team that consists of former FF15 devs that are now under the supervision of Square Enix. 

Recently, a video from Luminous Productions showcased a glimpse of what they can build using their engine. The video used the Luminous Engine to create vast landscapes, filled with variety and details. The footage included lush green forests, dark misty forests, rocky fields, etc. 

There are also conspiracies that Project Athia is in fact FF16 since Square Enix is supervising them. The game will be released on PS5 and PC with no date and no further details revealed. There’s also a rumor that it could come out for Xbox Series X, but we know that is isn’t launching any time soon.


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Luka Midoski

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