The Unlimited Graphic Setting for Crysis Remaster References An Old Meme

“Can It Run Crysis?” is officially the name for the remaster’s unlimited graphical setting! It references the old meme “Can It Run Crysis?” from 2007 when Crysis was released. When the game came out, it wowed players with its excellent graphics for that time, but it also required a powerful PC to run on. Thus, the meme “Can It Run Crysis?” was born, and it was used to refer to high-end PCs at the time, asking if they could or couldn’t run Crysis.

The game was a success when it got released, so the developers, Crytek, are launching a remaster for it, which will be available September 18 for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It’s bound to bring nostalgia to anyone who’s played the original before. 

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Luka Midoski

Luka Midoski is the latest addition to FGR's team, with vast knowledge in the MOBA genre. He loves multiplayer online battle arenas as he believes they have the right match time to organize your day. Most of the time, he founds himself trapped in the world of Smite, but sometimes he wants to dip into World of Warcraft too.

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