Vampyr And NFS: Payback Are October’s Free PS+ Games

With Halloween just around the corner, Dontnod’s Vampyr will be one of the PS Plus’ free games. Vampyr is a third-person action RPG published by Focus Home Interactive, where you get to play as Jonathan E. Reid. Vampyr was released back in June 2018, and it came out for the Nintendo Switch a year later.

Reid is a doctor who has been turned into a vampire and now focuses on drinking his patients’ blood to replenish health and unlock new abilities and features. The game has a semi-open world where you’ll face bosses and make choices that will significantly impact the game’s ending. Reid will also encounter other vampires and vampire slayers during his journey in England during the Spanish flu pandemic period.

Another great not-so Halloweeny game coming to the PS Plus for free next month is Need For Speed: Payback. NFS: Payback is the twenty-third installment for the Need For Speed franchise, developed by Ghost Games and published by EA. The game came out in November 2017 and has been a hit for racing game fans ever since.

In Need For Speed: Payback, you can choose from 74 different vehicles, race against other people, and enjoy a single-player open world, along with a story mode campaign. NFS: Payback also has a 24-hour day-night cycle, which is another big bonus.

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