Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One Gets An Epic Launch Trailer!

Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One is Doom Eternal’s first-ever DLC that got released today! Doom fans will get more opportunities to destroy demons in intense FPS gameplay. This time, The Ancient Gods took place after the demons have razed the heavens and threatened to expand their control across the dimensions. But not if Doom Slayer has anything to do with it, of course.

The DLC is available for free if you’ve already bought the 30$ Year One Pass or the Digital Deluxe Edition for Doom: Eternal. However, it’ll cost 20$, and along with that, you don’t need to own Doom to play it, making it a standalone expansion!

We’re sure most of you have heard of Doom: Eternal. It’s id Software’s latest addition to the iconic Doom franchise, which got released a while back when the world was in quarantine. Its gameplay is just like the previous Doom games: intense FPS, loud rock/metal music in the background, and pure badassery, as you slay the demons of Hell.

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