Diablo 2 Remake might be in the works

While the work on Diablo 4 is still ongoing, there might be something coming from the renowned MMORPG giant Blizzard. Reportedly, Diablo 2 Remake might be in the works, according to a recent report by Bloomberg.

Vicarious Visions, a video game developer, a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, is apparently working on a Diablo 2 Remake. According to the article, it will be assisting Blizzard’s Team 3, which focus is also turned towards Diablo 4.

The reason for this transition is due to the recent merge of Vicarious Visions with Blizzard. Vicarious Visions has moved its way on the Blizzard side of games, which is heavily leaned towards the RPG genre. The legacy of Vicarious Visions might be distorted at this point, with numbers of titles long forgotten.

Having the opportunity to start anew, let’s hope that Vicarious Visions will bring beauty and, most importantly content to all future Blizzard games.

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