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World’s First Pokemon Go Player to Reach Level 50, Thanks to Bug Fix

Fellow Trainers, it has been reported that two players have successfully reached the new, updated level cap in Pokemon GO.

It is amazing that not one, but two players reached level 50, with only 16 minutes apart. The first player that reached level 50 is FleeceKing, a player we already know for his previous accomplishments. The second player that hit level 50 is Laurenlolly.

A few days ago, there was a certain bug that prevented any progress in the tasks for levelling up from level 49 to level 50. The task was quite limited, it allowed one gift per friend per day, so you can say that it is quite tough to complete.

The first player, FleeceKing, sent tweets to Niantic last night, asking their help after the progress on this task was completely reset. Well, we guess that Niantic saw this tweet, and fixed the bug. This fix helped FleeceKing to reach the end of the level cap.

He expressed his gratitude and regret, while he wished he would reach level 50 the old way, he took full advantage of the slip made by Niantic.

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