Kowloon Nights will fund 23 Indie Studios’ Games!

Video game fund company Kowloon Nights has announced that they’ll fund 23 indie game studios on their upcoming projects. This is big news for you indie game fans out there and an amazing act by Kowloon to help out more hidden independent game developers so that they can make their name on the big stage.

Lindsey Rostal, Partner at Kowloon Nights, stated the following on the announcement.

We are incredibly proud to work with such talented studios and developers whose innovative work previously has brought to the community games ranging from OlliOlli to Paradise Killer to Absolver to Spiritfarer to Oxenfree and more. We feel Kowloon is uniquely positioned to help developers pursue their visions while building sustainable studios.

Another great thing is that the developers will still retain their IPs’ rights and have full creative control over their upcoming projects. Here’s the list of studios and games Kowloon will fund throughout their development:

  • Alpha Channel – TANKHEAD
  • Batterystaple – 30XX
  • Brimstone – Unannounced Title
  • Dreamlit – Towers
  • Fireplace – Unannounced Title
  • Fkkcloud – Project Kafka
  • Frozenbyte – Starbase
  • Gathering Tree – TFM: The First Men
  • Goblinz Studio – Legend of Keepers
  • Kaizen Game Works – Unannounced Title
  • Massive Damage – Unannounced Title
  • Metric Empire – Unannounced Title
  • Mimimi Games – Codename Süßkartoffel
  • Night School Studio – Unannounced Title
  • Plethora Project – Common’hood
  • Rogue Snail – Unannounced Title
  • Roll7 – Unannounced Title
  • Rose City Games / Picogram – Garden Story
  • Sabotage Studio – Sea of Stars
  • SIGONO – OPUS: Echo of Starsong
  • Sloclap  – Unannounced Title
  • Studio Zevere – She Dreams Elsewhere
  • Thunder Lotus – Unannounced Title
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