Marvel’s Avengers Next Gen Enhancements Detailed

Yesterday, it was announced that the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S version of Marvel’s Avengers would release on March 18th. Along with it, Hawkeye will also get added into the game along with his own story. Today, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have released a list of all the enhancements, with details. However, there’s no sign of the ray-tracing that was promised last year.

Below you can find the comparison guide between the old and new-gen platforms.

Xbox Upgrades

PlayStation Upgrades

What makes this a bit interesting is that there is no mention of any real-time ray-tracing that the developers had confirmed last year. No mention of different lighting either (just improved,) and as for reflections, it will opt to use stochastic screen-space reflections (SSR). For those who don’t understand the difference between SSR and ray-traced reflection, the SSR technique renders only what’s viewable within the player’s screen, versus ray-tracing reflection being able to render objects even off-screen from any angle.

Developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix, Marvel’s Avengers has had a tough release. Marvel fans hyped up the game, especially, only for it to not even come close to their expectations. We’re hoping that these new-gen editions will make our experience better and fix some of the game’s silly underwhelming bugs.

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