CoD: Warzone lobbies continuously crashing in the eyes of the Nuke Event

CoD: Warzone’s huge popularity is now justified. They managed to crash the servers ahead of the live event that is probably the most anticipated in CoD: Warzone’s history. The Majority of players haven’t been able to see the Destruction of Verdansk 1 due to the crashing issues, which are undoubtedly caused due to the overpopulated servers.

Matches hardly reach completion, leaving players without clue of what exactly happened. After the crash, they are returned to their lobby.

Activision has reacted fast after investigating the issues and has lowered the total player capacity to only 100 players per match. Everyone is just eager to see the nuclear missile striking Verdansk, and the devs are working on it. As streamers said, another piece of advice that might counter the crash is to queue solo, but in that case, it wouldn’t be notified as a server issue.

The reason for the nuclear strike is due to the overwhelming zombie presence and threat against humanity.

Some of the streamers, such as DrDisrepsect, have managed to witness the destruction of Verdansk.

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