World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade releases “in the coming months”

Blizzard’s WoW Classic renovation has reached one of the most popular expansions, The Burning Crusade. After the announcement of The Burning Crusade at this year’s BlizzConline, everyone expected a rather sooner than later release. The latest news claims a June 1st launch as a strong possibility.

Well, recent leaks have started pouring in, claiming that the game will release in the coming months, while in the quarterly earnings call, it was confirmed the same. As I love to call it, Illidan’s expansion will most definitely arrive very soon, with tons of innovations despite its repetitive upshot a decade after, allowing players to choose between two different classic reiterations. Those who want to swap to TBC will get the opportunity to do so, while the others will still have the option to stay in WoW Classic.

Nevertheless, the 2021 launch window is still in plans, and it feels like June is the best month for release. Blizzard also published a couple of false advertisements regarding the release date, mentioning June 1st launch, before it was claimed as a mistake.

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