Battlefield 2042 Specialists Have Different Traits and Gadgets

The latest installment in the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield V, hasn’t introduced us to a diverse and exciting perk system and included rather independent gadgets available at player’s choice. Nevertheless, some of the gadgets were dependant on the type of specialist but not locked to them. Well, Battlefield 2042 is here to change some things.

Battlefield 2042’s specialists are bound to introduce a reinvented perk system. Each specialist will have accessibility to different gadgets and traits. One of the two gadgets will be unique, while the other will be universal and replaced with other given choices. Simply said, all of the players will have a primary and secondary gadget slot.

Recently, after EA’s briefing, the specialists have been revealed with their names, gadgets, and traits. Below you can find them all.

Battlefield 2042 Specialists

Webster Mackay

  • Gadget – Grappling Hook (Grants the player greater mobility)
  • Trait – Nimble (Faster movement in ADS)

Maria Falck

  • Gadget – Syrette Pistol (Heals and revives teammates at range)
  • Trait – Combat Surgeon (Allows for reviving of teammates to full health)

Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky

  • Gadget – Sentry Turret (Engages enemy targets within a certain area)
  • Trait – Sentry Operator (Spots enemies when locked on by a sentry turret)

Wikus “Casper” Daele

  • Gadget – OV-P Recon Drone (Spots enemies and creates EMP blasts)
  • Trait – Movement Sensor (Alerts the player to approaching enemies)

It is unique and exciting that Battlefield 2042 will look more on the RPG side of things. The specialists do not have lots of things in common, which could potentially incentivize a strong co-op between squads. I mean, isn’t Battlefield all about that in the first place?

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