New Escape From Tarkov Wipe Might Be Coming Soon

I don’t want to be biased regarding the stature of the wipe question, but I sincerely believe that the recent events in Escape From Tarkov might be a part of a pre-wipe event. Why is that so, and why do I believe this is a part of a pre-wipe event? Of course, I do not neglect that it could also be a testing phase for what’s to come in the future once the game leaves Beta. Anyway, let’s talk about it and try to realize if it’s a wipe or just an event with testing purposes.

First of all, it was confirmed by Battlestate Games that tweaks and changes in Escape From Tarkov could be done on the go. Something the developer has been working on since the start of the game. Tweaking ammo, item spawns, and tons of other stuff do not correlate with a client update unless it’s a core issue. Something that’s happening now. For example, deploying quests or challenges on a weekly or daily basis, dynamic quest or challenge system that would grant rewards to players for better character progression. Also, an incentive for players to remain embedded in the game.

But why exactly a wipe?

Another factor for which I believe it’s a pre-wipe event is that Escape From Tarkov usually has two wipes per year. One is around half a year, and the other before the full cycle occurs. This is also related to the core updates provided by Battlestate Games, such as a release of a new map that requires new database tables and other inquiries, etc. It’s much easier for the developer to wipe the accounts rather than tinker with existing database tables and mess something up, rather than having it anew. Also, it would be quite dull to be playing for a whole year without having a wipe.

Lighthouse, Factory Expansion, Streets of Tarkov. Well, BSG confirmed that Factory expansion would arrive sooner than Streets of Tarkov. Lighthouse was somewhat confirmed to arrive earlier than that too. So even if Factory’s expansion is a must, a wipe could mean that both of them are coming.

The economy in EFT went out of the roof in the first couple of weeks. GPUs, Bitcoins (being a variable based on the real-life price), and everything else unordinary that seemed to get out of control has ruined the linear economy and player progression. After the Bitcoin, GPU, Tetriz nerf, have you seen anyone rushing hot spots such as Interchange’s Techlight? No?

Multiple times before a wipe occurred, Battlestate Games have either increased the charisma levels, invaded Factory with Raiders only, opened Labs for free. Similar to the event that’s happening now. Again, I am not saying there will be a wipe. It just smells there will be one, considering the month we’re at. Aside from that, another reason why Battlestate Games is doing that is maybe balancing the economy, even though that would seem like a reach.

Until the developer comes out with an official statement, we cannot confirm anything. However, most hardcore EFT fans believe it’s a word about a wipe, considering the late and lingering gameplay experience. Also, these kinds of events should occur more throughout the season. So, see you on Thursday?

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