Ranked Arenas coming to Apex Legends in Season 10

Apex Legends has recently introduced its player base to Arenas, a game mode in which two teams, each composed of three players, brawl between each other. While the game mode was fun, it was missing a measurement condition, such as ranked matchmaking. Without a rank, players can’t be recognized for their skill, and typically said, the matchmaking itself acts faulty.

Today, at EA Play, Respawn Entertainment has revealed that Arenas in Apex Legends will become available in Season 10. How exactly would they play out remains unknown, but having the possibility to compete for a goal, any community always appreciates it. For that reason, the developer has decided to surprise the fans and give them a purpose to grind Arena matches.

Arenas is a new permanent game mode in Apex Legends as part of the upcoming Legacy update. It condenses the chaos of 20-squad Battle Royale matches down into more focused 3v3 combat. You’ll face off against the enemy without any other squads coming to crash the party—allowing you to focus on surviving and winning the fight. You’ll compete over multiple rounds, striving to be the last squad standing each time. 

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